Automatic emails

Send all your documents automatically to your clients. Never worry again about sending tens or hundreds of follow-up emails or with quotes or proposals attached, let OptiOffer do it for you.

Why automate emails?

Never waste time again writing the same massages and/or attaching files to emails. Just click and OptiOffer will send the message you set up with the offer that you have easily made with our Quote tool. Also never worry again about follow-up emails to customers that did not reply. OptiOffer will do it for you!

How it works

We use a special email client to make you able to comfortably send your quotes and other documents from your project to your leads.

Where can I find it?

  1. On our Quote Tool page

How does it look like?

With a simple click instantly send the quotations.

OptiOffer Generator page with send email button

How to use Automatic Emails?

  1. Set up your specific message and signature in Template settings page.
  2. Simply click on "Send offer to client" button