Custom template

High converting templates + premium template There comes a time when a company needs to take the next step to become unique and outshine its competition. With OptiOffer you can have your custom template. With your own layout and style displayed you can be sure that everybody will know that that quotation is yours. It can be implemented at any time, even if you have been using our platform for some time.

Using our branding expert

Together with you, we will take care of all the details of the design, changing the feel of your quotation to exactly how you imagine it to be. Our team will help you or your team configure and create the best-looking template for your company.

How it works?

The process is very simple as all we need to know is how you imagine the perfect quotation. Do not forget that nothing is mandatory when it comes to custom templates. The imagination is the limit, the quotation can look exactly how you would like it and you can do it in any orientation and page size.

5 easy steps for easy and correct custom template

1. Please fill this form with as much details as possible

2. We will get back to you in 5-7 business days via e-mail with a price quotation

Pricing may vary depending on the project

3. Answer to the additional questions, clarifications or requirements sent by our branding expert

4. Confirm the template

5. Start sending your new quotations!

The following aspects can be customized:

  1. Font - type, size and color
  2. Page size - as standard we have A4, but it can be in any dimension
  3. Layout - change elements order and size. show/hide or change place to sections such as: picture, attributes, description and price, or any other information.
  4. Header and footer
  5. Visual assets - for example a watermark
  6. Remove OptiOffer branding
  7. Any other requests