Extra Security

Our team puts endless hours to make sure every bit of data that you or your company puts into our platform is safe. So nobody else other than you has access to it!

We use only trusted and well tested solutions to ensure your security. Let's have a look what we use to ensure this.


Netlify logo

We use Netlify to give you the fastest and safest website experience. Their mission is to run secure, performant sites and applications.

You check their security statement page.

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt logo

An essential part of any website's security is the 'https' part. If nobody told you this before, NEVER trust a website that does not start with https://! Usually your browser shows a warning message if you are visiting a dangerous website.

To ensure safe data transfer, we use certificates from Let's Encrypt. This is one of the reasons we score A+ on SSLLabs' test. You can check this yourself by following the link above and input https://optioffer.com/ in the 'Hostname' field.


DigitalOcean logo

DigitalOcean is our trusted data center. They help us run the heavy computations of our application.

Their Security statements and certificates are publicly available on their Legal & Security page.


Contact us for additional information

If you do require more information about how we keep you data secure, please contact our support department.