[Q3 2021] Opti Live

Improve customer care, improve project flow and never forget where you left off. The OptiLive chat, project timeline, changelog and version storage tool is built for business that want and need more transparency when it comes to customer communication.

OptiLive is automatic, trouble free and easily accessible by you, your colleges/employees and by your customer as well!

Why OptiLive?

In the 21st century communication is king, and information is widely spread and available. That is why our team has cooperated with multiple companies worldwide to see how can the communication between the seller and the buyer be improved. Businesses that have been using OptiLive so far have seen a 17% increase in customer satisfaction. On the other side the employees managed to spend at least 30 minutes less on projects resulting in 9% increase in productivity. Moreover the team that was taking care of that specific project had less trouble with picking off project that have been inactive for a period of time. And to make things even better, any client that registers to OptiOffer can see their own projects and their status for FREE!

How it works

OptiLive stores:

  1. Quotations made by any member assigned to the project
  2. Files added to the project (this can include PDF files, .DWG drawings, images, docs etc.)
  3. Any changes made to quotations (product, quantity, price change, discount modification, customer info etc.)


  1. Quotations made by the assigned team member/s
  2. Any changes made to quotations is a timeline style table (product, quantity, price change, discount modification, customer info etc.)
  3. The files that are attached to the project
  4. A chat where customers can talk with the team and send files if needed!


  1. All quotations and their changes
  2. All files that have been added
  3. All chat messages

Where can I find it?

The OptiOffer - OptiLive can be found in the main application panel, also it is color coded as red

How does it look like?

OptiLive is a simple yet beautiful timeline that shows any important information that may be needed by customers or employees during a project.

How to use OptiLive?

Simply create a new project in the OptiLive page, add files, chat or link quotations made with our Quote Tools and OptiLive will organize everything. Moreover, you can invite your customer to see the status of his project with our Automatic Emails tool.