Smart Search

Search for anything and sell it in seconds!

If you want to give an answer to your prospects about the products you sell do it in seconds with Smart Search by OptiOffer, a tool for immense decrease in sales reaction time.

How it works

With intensive development put into optimizing the OptiOffer app it gives straight results no matter the dimension of your database, giving the user light fast access to all relevant company and products need for any sale to happen!

Where can I find it?

On the home page of OptiOffer app.

OptiOffer Smart search home page
OptiOffer Smart search home page

How does it look like?

Is an integrated productivity tool that helps users search for all information needed for them to make a quote. Using it together with OptiPanel. You can search for products or clients that can be dragged and dropped into OptiPanel to create a quote instantly. Modify product quantities and clients (only for "DRAFT" quotes) and never waste valuable business time! The latest Clients/Offers/Products added will always be on the home page.

How to use Smart Search?

  1. Type in the search box any product, client, offer or project name and all relevant information will be displayed.

This can be used to quickly find all the relevant information you may require in a very short time. You can click and edit (if permissions allow) any Client/Offer/Products found with Smart search or you can drag an drop any Product/Client (only for "DRAFT" quotes) and change it instantly!

OptiOffer Smart search in action
OptiOffer Smart search in action