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The Ho.Re.Ca.
Sales Revolution is Here!

How many hours do you spend weekly on repetitive tasks like:

  • Sending updated price lists and catalogs
  • Managing quotes, orders, and payments

If you could use all that time talking to customers, how would that affect your bottom line?

No more delayed customer communication, lost revenue, and missed opportunities.

Sales should be about building authentic relationships with customers, staying aware of opportunities, and not repetitive formalities that hold you back.

Together we are going to build the best solution to fix these challenges.

Let’s build the future of
Ho.Re.Ca. sales together!
  • Help your company reach new heights
  • Don’t let your competition get a head start
  • Get early access to this revolutionary technology, don’t wait until everybody uses it

Our vision is a platform that links resellers with suppliers, making selling & buying commercial goods easy, efficient and mobile. A B2C experience in B2B transactions.