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Paid yearly

50 Offers/month

1000 Products

Pay as you go

Best for solopreneurs




Paid yearly

100 Offers/month

Unlimited Products

Pay as you go

Most popular




Paid yearly

Unlimited Offers/month

Unlimited Products

Pay as you go

Best for emerging businesses




Unlimited Offers/month

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Users

Tailor made for you
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What's included?

Quote Tool

consistent, stunning-looking and lighting fast quotes

Catalog management

clean and easy to use product database

Client Management

clean and easy to use client database


you get all the updates for free

Smart Search

search clients, products, and quotes is a single place

Company details

professional quote personalization

Extra Security

your data is safe with us

[Q3 2021] Opti Live

offer changelog and version control

Opti Panel

drag & drop and create quotes

Automatic emails

never waste time again manually writing or sending emails

Cost & Margin

API integration

Supplier order

Contract and documents generator (using Workspace)

Currency exchange

Customer discount tiers

Custom template

With our branding expert

Dedicated account manager

Assisted database import

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