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Corso Broker logo

Corso Broker

Cristian HerlasCEO


Quotes in no time and zero errors. Easy to set up. The 1 product per page template works very well for us. The support staff has been great along the way helping us integrate it into our company flow. We love the cost tracking feature for each quote. It's a big plus for us. Also, the quotes look really good on mobile. You don't need to Zoom In to read through it. But if you Zoom In the pictures look pitch-perfect, you can see all the pictures details clearly.

Soliflex logo


Coras RazvanCFO


I like that you can drag and drop products or clients into “OptiPanel” and create quotes. It just makes quick sales a piece of cake. The templates are mobile-friendly and, the fact that they are always consistent with every customer just rocks. It’s tricky to switch to attribute-based. This meant, that instead of us having the technical specifications of a product into a big block of text. Now, we have all of them separately. The moment you realize that this makes searching and filtering for products extremely easy you won’t go back again to a big block of text 😃

Think Tiny House logo

Think Tiny House

Ghita DanCEO


We have given our fair share of feedback to the OptiOffer team. They took our suggestions under consideration very fast! The experience and the app are awesome. I am very proud of what they have realized here. It is very intuitive and you get used to it fast. I see great value in OptiOffer if you need to send a lot of quotations.

Inox Line Distribution S.R.L. logo

Inox Line Distribution S.R.L.

Cosmin PetruCEO


We have developed an extraordinary relationship with OptiOffer. Using this app turned us from a small town family company to a regional decision-maker. The OptiCrew helped us build a strong and professional-looking brand. We never thought that professional, consistent looking and reducing the time in sending a quotation to a customer can generate so much revenue on their own! Check out their case study.

GP Trans logo

GP Trans

Pasat PetrisorCEO


We have tried a couple of price quotation solutions in the past. But the spot on functionilites, amazing support have showed us that OptiOffer team is really building for businesses. We just got our personalized template, very good looking, professional and always consistent! We can confirm that working with them has been the best decision we have made.

What does OptiOffer do?

feature Consistent lighting fast professional quoting

Consistent lighting fast professional quoting

Create stunning-looking consistent sales quotes fast, easy and close deals more efficient. Connect with your team and manage projects easier.
feature Guarantees security

Guarantees security

All your important sales data are safe and secure, we use the latest technologies from the best providers to ensure that.
feature It's good for your wallet

It's good for your wallet

Why spend thousands of dollars on an old and clunky solution? We are cloud-based and use the latest tech to bring a comprehensive, efficient, and well priced solution.
feature Eliminate human errors

Eliminate human errors

Say goodbye to price or product data errors. When it comes to consistency we guarantee that the right information is always displayed
feature It's built for real businesses

It's built for real businesses

Our services and features are designed to solve real problems encountered by real business worldwide everyday! Your opinion matters!
feature Live Changelog

Live Changelog

Instantly see all notable changes made to quotes and projects. A new sales experience for you and your clients!

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