Privacy Policy

How we collect and use your information

The information that we collect is used for the following purposes: signing up for direct mailing or registering for an account, accurately providing you with information related to our products and services. We may collect information such as your name, email address and phone number.

We also collect data passively submitted performing regular activities on our website in order to aid in things such as protecting our site overall, identifying server problems, help personalise the user experience, and compile statistics about the usage of our services.


We implement a variety of technical, administrative, and physical measures that all work together to protect your personal information that has been provided to us. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring complete safety to the best of our abilities by carrying out processes such as performing all transactions using encrypted methods.

As a user you understand that even though we do our best to ensure protection, no activity on the internet can be 100% guaranteed in terms of protection which subsequently prevents us from warranting the data transferred through our website. If you find that your activity on our site is no longer secure, please contact us immediately; however, remember that it is your full responsibility to keep information such as passwords and user IDs safe.

Any unsafe activity that occurs on our site will be met with a procedure that complies with current data protection laws and data breach notification requirements. We are committed to protecting your information and in the event you suspect any issue, please contact us and our data security officer will try to solve the issue as soon as possible. If we suspect any problem such as a data breach, we will inform our users as soon as possible. We follow GDPR clauses closely and ensure our users have complete access to their information in case they require us to change or edit their information in the future.

Data storage and retention

All personal and private data transferred through our website or services is stored within secure systems and servers. All personal data will be stored within these systems for the total time allotted that is outlined within the privacy policy in order to perform necessary activities that it must be used for. This can be extended if required or permitted by law. Some of the specific factors that may alter the time of these periods include, but are not limited to: Statutory obligations relating to the retention of personal information (i.e.: government records that bring about special circumstances that change the time needed) How long your relationship has been with us (customer history, purchase history, etc.) If the time is proper based on a number of issues relating to litigation, dispute regulations, etc.

Disclosure of personal information

As described earlier in our terms and policies, our site does not share your information in order to make a profit or transfer it in any other manner that may be financially beneficial to us. The only ways in which we share personal data include: Sharing information with service providers who use the data on our behalf only. Using it in connection with a sale, reorganization, or other activity that relates to the transformation of all or part of our business. Disclosing any information freely that is not personally identifiable. Sharing data that may be required by law in order to comply with the legal exercise of someone else’s rights.

Children’s privacy

This site is intended for anyone’s use that includes adults and children under the supervision of an adult. We require that any minors do not submit personally identifiable information to our site. We also make sure to not collect or ask for any information that may be personal from any minors. Parents or legal guardians who discover that their minor has provided information to us that is personal without their consent should contact us immediately. Any information that we conclude has been mistakenly collected from minors will be deleted off of our servers and systems permanently.

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the rights to modify or change any clause of this privacy policy at anytime. We will try to notify our users immediately or post a notification on the homepage of our website. We encourage you to review the privacy policy periodically to stay updated with all the clauses. You agree and acknowledge to follow the updated policies should you continue using the website or services after the changes have been implemented.

Contact Us

If you have any question or need more clarification regarding any clause, please contact us.