About Us

At OptiOffer, we believe in helping the best ideas grow and thrive. That’s why we created our application that simplifies creating and sending offers: to free up valuable business time and resources and help companies focus on what matters most.

Meet the Team

Our Journey

We have been developing OptiOffer for over 3 years and thanks to our focus on continuous improvement, we are still working around the clock to deliver better functionality and more exciting features for business owners. OptiOffer began three years ago, while we worked for a commercial kitchen equipment reseller. Most of the work was done manually, including creating offers for different clients: using only tools such as Excel and MS Office Word, it often took us over 8 hours to create around a hundred product offers.

We realized that the industry was in dire need of innovation. Putting together our experience, out-of-the-box thinking, and visionary mindset, we began work on OptiOffer. After the first six months, we had a working application that cut offer creation time in half and came with a plethora of features to simplify the process further. We integrated it into the company’s infrastructure and continued doing rigorous testing and development to refine the app for our specific needs.

Today, we offer OptiOffer to sole traders, small and medium businesses and any company, looking to automate their offer creation process and future-proof their services. Our goal is to free up your resources, boost your employees’ productivity and help you do more for less with the help of OptiOffer!

Our vision

Is World-Class productivity, a word without boundaries, create offers better, faster and smarter than before. Just use your favorite gadget and send a professional offer in no time! OptiOffer is developed for speed, flexibility and productivity.

Forget about spending hours on building the perfect quote and focus your energy where you need it the most! Leave OptiOffer to do its magic and start a new chapter in sales. Your clients will love this new, faster and easier way of communication. Engage and manage your projects, employees and providers relationships with a couple of clicks! We are focused on providing you and your leads with the ultimate sales event.

You do not need a expensive solution to offer an amazing experience to yourself and the buyer.