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The Legacy Quoting Process
Ready to start the
quote for the client
5 min
5 min
Add customer
20 min
Search each
60 min
Copy & Paste
product data
5 min
10 min
Add terms
& conditions
5 min
Review quote
5 min
Convert, Save, Attach,
Write Message, Send
clock showing 1:45h on average
on average
Why are you going through that process?
You've already built a solution for the customer in your mind
You need to make sure that the customer understands it
A quote is the best way of showcasing your solution without confusing the customer
Why will your customer satisfaction, closing rate and deal size skyrocket?
Next level of client experience & deal facilitation
Focus your attention to selling, now you have a virtual assistant
Post Revolution
How you'll operate
You'll spend almost 0 time and effort on quoting
You'll reallocate that saved time and effort to solve relevant issues that move the deal forward
You'll easily manage your pipeline with your virtual assistant
You'll Increase customer interactions and build stronger relationships
hand holding phone as a revolution symbol
people walking with phone in hand
How you'll interact with clients
Easily show and choose the right products with them.
Build trust as you are transparent.
Create quotes on the spot.
Reach faster decisions through collaboration.
Help customers make informed decisions with detailed product showcases.
Make working with you easier, safer and justifiable.
Why will your customer satisfaction, closing rate and deal size skyrocket?
Customers will get a quote that they can actually understand.
By letting them make choices and changes on their own you won't lose deals and create frustration.
Let them add their favorite accessories to products on their own (self cross-sell)
Allow online quote acceptance and payments.
If the deal seems stuck, use heat-maps of the client's interactions with the quote to understand why.
Use these insights to your advantage and bring the deal home.
rocket taking off
competition dreaming of the opti advantages
While you take off, your competitors will:

Make customer wait for days on end for quotes and changes.

Confuse them with messy, non-descriptive quotes.

Make them feel that they have no choice or real understanding of their own deal.

Assume and hedge bets about the customers interaction with the quote.

Lose and delay deals one after another.

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