Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Use

Welcome to OptiOffer. These terms and conditions outline the clauses, rules and regulations that our users (clients) must follow in order to utilise the products and services offered on the website. In order to utilise some of the services that are offered on our platform, users may be required to sign up and download the app. Users maintain the responsibility to keep up with their personal information regarding their login credentials. All activities that happen in your account also fall under your own responsibility. If you suspect any suspicious activity, please inform us immediately.

These Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) are a legal agreement between You as the user and OptiOffer S.R.L., we are a private limited liability company registered under the laws of Romania with company number: 44548537 and VAT number: 44548537, having its registered address situated at: Municipiul Oradea, Calea Aradului, Nr. 15, Bloc P71, Etaj 4, Ap 18 ("OptiOffer", or “We” “Our” or “Us”), that governs your limited, non-exclusive and terminable right to the use of the OptiOffer site and services as defined herein. By registering an account into our website and/or application, or otherwise making use of the Services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

General Terms

The users understand that we are a company that offers business software solutions. We may store some personal details such as name, email address etc. We never sell these details to third parties. The platform is comprised of two separate entities that come in the form of visitors and users; these are the specified parties The platform is free to access and we may add new services occasionally. We suggest our users to check our website: www.optioffer.com regularly. All the functions and features are maintained by the OptiOffer S.R.L. team itself. Users may experience downtime due to several situations such as maintenance periods, however we will try to resolve such situations as soon as possible. This site maintains the right to alter fees, terms of service, or features at any time for any reason We may release some additional features that might cost extra for clients and we will keep our users updated.

Using the services

All users are strictly prohibited from partaking in activities that involve:

  • Infringing upon the rights of a third party
  • Distributing faulty content such as spam, pyramid schemes, or chain letters
  • Operating in a manner that is misleading or fraudulent
  • Violating any official laws
  • Violating any of our listed terms or conditions
  • Attempting to extract information in a fraudulent manner from this platform using bots, scrapers, or any other form
  • Collecting the personal information of others without their official consent
  • Attempting to copy, modify, or alter other’s content in any form
  • Attempting to harm the platform or its subsequent users through the use of harmful technologies or viruses
  • Attempting to bypass measures implemented to protect the security of the platform itself


Payments must be made in full. We accept all major credit cards. If you have any issues processing the payment, please contact us. Please note, users must not use a fake or fraudulent card to make a purchase. In the event we suspect that you used a fraudulent card, we will cancel the payment and revoke your access permanently.

Abusing services

If any users come into contact with any fraudulent or offensive activity, please utilise our flagging system to report it so that we can resolve the issue. We maintain the right as a platform to limit, terminate, or remove any users that violate our terms and conditions, are creating problems, or aren’t acting appropriately as outlined by our guidelines. While we do maintain the right previously outlined, we are not to be held liable for any content posted or used by our users that is unauthorized or against the law. All the services offered on the website in addition to any transactions that take place on the website are to be completed in a manner that aligns with the outlined terms and conditions

Our company reserves the rights and maintains the responsibility to set the prices for our services. Our platform is not responsible for any errors relating to the description of a service. If you suspect any issue please contact us. Users must accept the terms and conditions, which will be listed to their fullest extent upon initiation of the transaction, before using our services. Though we are responsible for delivering the projects in a timely fashion, you may experience delays occasionally. If delays occur, we will inform our users immediately. We always try to write accurate and correct description of the services we offer, however we do not guarantee it to be 100% precise. You may notice some inaccuracies in the content. If you notice such issues, please inform us and we will try our best to fix the problem. All users should abide by federal and local rules and laws which prohibits all users from taking part in any fradulent transaction. Our team members maintain the responsibility to keep up with workflows specified within their individual duties. Any kind of delay in delivering the service will be informed to clients as soon as possible to avoid any kind of deadline issue. The platform maintains the right to alter service data outlined by the user as well as produce it in regards to advertising efforts. Any specifications, details, or images uploaded by the user that is to be authorised by the platform itself is not under the responsibility of the platform if any breaches in contracts or privacy policies are made. Personal information outlined within the privacy policy is fully protected by the platform, however, any other data not outlined in this document is able to be shared freely by the site Users maintain the responsibility to operate in a manner that aligns with the specified workflow for all projects completed using this platform. In the case of any disputes, users are welcome to contact us and one of our customer representatives will help you resolve the issue. During this process, all information required by us must be submitted so that we can resolve your problems. Users can contact customer support team if they want to delete their account. OptiOffer S.R.L. maintains the right to delete any user content such as ratings or comments in case they use inappropriate language. This platform is not responsible for ratings or comments made by other users Any content publicized by this platform is not to be modified, circulated, deleted, edited, or manipulated in any other fashion even in the case of downloads.


Our platform contains content that is submitted by the users, and other third party service providers. All users agree that they will not modify, copy, or manipulate these services, copyrights, or trademarks in any form. When agreeing to these terms, users subsequently agree to allow us to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights to the content without any accompanying royalties or exclusivities. Any users who feel as though their rights have been violated can contact our customer service team. Our platform reserves the right to remove any content that violates the terms listed by us or any other party.

Reporting intellectual property infringements

Users are prohibited from posting any content whatsoever that infringes upon the rights of a third party. Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, that of which depicts the likeness of a third party, contains a reference to a third party, or infringes upon trademark or copyright laws. This platform maintains the right to remove any content we suspect has violated these terms or that of a third party. Any user is able to report intellectual property infringement by contacting us. Reports can only be made by the actual owner of the property in question. Please contact us immediately if you have any concern about a listing that may infringe upon your own rights.

Disclaimers and limitations of liability

All products and services offered on this platform are provided in a form that is either “as is” or “as available”. All users agree to not hold our site liable for anything. We also are not liable for processing payment to outside service providers. We are not able to guarantee the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, safety, legality, or quality of any goods, projects or services. We also cannot guarantee consistent or secure access to our services. We try our best to deliver a seamless experience to our customers however sometimes it is not possible to meet their needs and in that event, we will inform them immediately.

Features involving notifications are subject to delays based upon your location and other factors which alter their ability to appear in real time. Our platform officially disclaims all warranties, representations, and conditions both implied or obvious regarding quality, durability, and other factors by arising statutes. Our platform is not liable for any losses regarding profit, reputation, goodwill, or any other aspect that may come about as a result of your time with this platform. This can still be possible even for the sake of a foreseen instance. These disclaimers and exclusions may differ depending on the specific jurisdiction in which you reside.


All users agree to hold all figures officially associated with this platform, referred to as indemnified parties, away from harm that comes from claims made by a third party which accompany payable amounts to a settlement that may be rewarded along with any reasonable legal costs brought about by these parties, these relate to any services offered and any alleged violations applicable to laws or regulations. Our platform reserves the right to maintain the defense and control of any matters relating to indemnification by the user which will not excuse your present obligations.