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You are probably familiar with free merchandise offered by companies at no cost at all. This is because they know that by giving promotional items, they will ultimately attract more customers through brand awareness.

car license plate optioffer
car license plate optioffer

A common example of this is a license plate cover from the dealer you purchased your car at. For every car they sell, they are now marketing their brand to every car on the road. Others see “John Smiths Auto” as the branded license plate cover.

Building brand awareness brings more customers who are loyal over the long run to your company, and is vital for long term business success. Here are three common types of promotional items your company can give away to build brand awareness.

promotional items optioffer
promotional items optioffer

Promotional items a cost effective way to build a strong brand

The idea of giving away free branded products to your customers at no cost to them at all, is to find a product that we know they will need to use on a regular basis, and find out where you can purchase it for a relatively low cost. Three popular promotional items that work for nearly any business are:

Branded clothing

Regardless of what type of branded clothing you wish to give away, one fact is for sure. People will always need clothing for almost any scenario whether it be workout clothes, hats, yard work shirts, etc. Giving away branded clothing will perhaps cost a few bucks per shirt to make, but will pay long term dividends in the free marketing it will bring you over the years.

Branded household products

Examples of branded household products include kitchenware, cooking products, cleaning products and even the old-fashioned pen and notebook. Each item you give away will then be marketed to every friend that walks into your customer’s house and sees that pen and notebook sitting on the counter. Another marketing product that will pay dividends for time to come.

promotional item brand
promotional item brand

Your industry’s “license plate cover”

As briefly discussed in the introduction, auto dealerships almost always have a branded license plate cover on every car they sell. Chances are that your particular industry also has its version of a branded “license plate cover”. You can give it to all your customers and over time reach a very large market with visual brand awareness. If you sell digital products, your “license plate cover” might be that statement at the end of the product “built by ...”. Other examples might be a mouse pad for an electronics company, or a branded picture frame for a photo shop.

How to save hours with your company’s promotions

Promotions are vital to the future success of your company. The trick is learning how to create a profitable campaign or promotion without losing time needed to actually service and sell your product or service.

OptiOffer makes it easy for businesses to create, manage and update their product promotions. The cloud based platform allows you to make quick updates and changes whenever you need them. It’s your one stop hub to oversee your company’s promotions and occasional offers. Learn more about OptiOffer and how it saves you hours of time on promotional marketing.

Want to create professional product offers in a better, faster, smarter way? Check out OptiOffer and find how easy it really is!

Do you have other tips on the that you would like to share? Comment below and tell us what promotional items do you use? Follow up promotional items with special promotions and deals!

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