How to choose the perfect quotation pricing plan for your business

2 min read by Nichita Herpuț

published 2 years ago, updated 2 years ago

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Are you looking for a quotation tool but you haven’t found the right one for you just yet? We know, there is plenty of software out there, at different prices, with different features so choosing one can be a difficult task.

Woman working from laptop
Woman working from laptop

Luckily, we’re here to help you! We can’t talk about other products, but we can certainly talk about ours so below we’re going to give you an in-depth look at all our pricing plans.

1. Free

This one is quite simple. You get to use this one for free. You can create unlimited offers with it and there’s no email or credit card required. What you get is a basic template that you can use by manually adding your products and clients. Some of the features such as client or catalog management are missing.

2. Basic

The basic plan is only 9 euros per month. You get to generate 10 offers a month and add 100 products to your catalog that you can use to generate your offers. The downside of it is that only one person can use the account. However, if you are a freelancer with only a few clients, this one might be for you. Oh, and you get it to test if for free for 30 days!

3. Business

This one of the most popular plans we have and offers the best deal. At 99 euros a month you get to use 200 offers every month, you can add 2000 products to your catalog and if you have a bigger team, you can add 3 people to the account. Awesome, right? Now more people can work on the same thing and communicate more easily.

4. Business+

This one is better suited for emerging businesses. It’s a bit more expensive since its 199 euros per month, but you can add 5000 products to your catalog, create 500 offers every month and you can add 10 team members to your account.

With the Business and the Business+ plans also offers you unlimited access to all our features that you can see below:

This doesn't fit your needs? We can help with that! Schedule a call with our CEO that will answer all your questions and find a plan fit for you and your business.

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