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2 min read by Nichita Herpuț

published 2 years ago, updated 2 years ago

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Good news! We’d like to welcome our latest client to the OptiOffer community:

Terarium is a company with over 15 years of experience in harvesting and transforming fruits, vegetables and mushrooms in their best version for consuming, through a high-quality freezing process. Their products are sold in either resealable ziplock stand-up bags or in single-use 125g single doses in the case of smoothie mixes.

Why are we talking about them and what does this have to do with OptiOffer? Well, we think they are one of the best examples as to why OptiOffer is so useful for a business that sells a large variety of products.

When you have a big order, whether it’s offline or from another distributor, it is important to offer your customers a timely response on everything they need, or they might go to your competitors. This includes a quotation offer.

Let’s take a look at how a quotation offer from Terarium looks like. Let’s say someone goes on their website and decides they want the following items: Terarium Foresta Galbiori Eco 600gr, Terarium Foresta Hribi Cuburi Eco 600gr, Terarium Foresta Hribi Intregi Eco 600gr, Terarium Monte Afine Eco 600gr, Terarium Monte Catina Eco 600gr and Terarium Monte Merisoare Eco 600gr. What’s the fastest way to give them the offer?

Simple. You login into your OptiOffer account where you already have all your products in your database, select all the items they requested, and you generate the offer. Simple and easy!

You can see it all below:

If you want to learn more about OptiOffer, schedule a meeting with us.

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