Study Case - Inox Line Distribution S.R.L.

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published 5 luni în urmă, updated 5 luni în urmă

Inox Line has had a slow start, but the way that they dealt with their issues to keep consistent it's incredible.

In this article, we will take a look at their journey and see how our team has managed to help this company become a regional leader in their domain!


Inox Line logo
Inox Line logo

Inox Line is a company based in Oradea, a small, but very beautiful town in Romania. Their main activity is selling and installing food service equipment - professional equipment for Restaurant kitchens.


During the past 5 years they have been seriously oriented into creating a very high quality and educated client base which isn't easy and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, the time and effort that they put in paid off as they managed to double their numbers for the past 3 consecutive years. But as sales went up and their team grew as did overall costs. And the sales team has started to be overwhelmed by the amount of projects and quotes that they had to make. One of their trademarks was an unusual design of the price quotation, which set them apart from the competition and made leads remember them as "The ones with cool quotes".

Inox Line first offer version 2016
Inox Line first offer version 2016


In order for them to keep their companies signature, we have together implemented their unique template. It includes an in-depth exposure of each product. Its technologies and technical specifications. This way every customer can check and know every detail of the item that they purchase. That is what they call "product transparency", it drives confidence and trust among clients, some of them got so used to it that they do not accept price quotations otherwise. During the onboarding process they also requested a "clean up" of the database as they wanted a "fresh start". That means remaking of the products into attribute-database so everything is displayed when and where they want it to. At the same time, their team learned how to keep this kind of database running and how they can correctly add and update products everytime they need to do it. With 2 onboarding sessions of 2h each we have planned and explained everything they needed to know. We did amazing work with them and we would like to thank them for the opportunity of doing business together!


OptiOffer was the perfect solution for them. As our service makes companies stand out from their competition and outshine them, while reducing the stress and time spent of the sales team with creating quotations/offers. After the onboarding process and customization of the quotation template they felt the results in 2 weeks!


Because they now can create quotations 65% faster, they do not need to hire more sales agents to increase their revenue. In the first 3 months of using OptiOffer, they had an increase of 15% of total revenue and 20% of their customers were happier with their service quality and speed, and they had a 18% increase in employee productivity! The total cost for a whole year of OptiOffer subscription was covered in less than 1 month! You can also check their testimonial.


We have analyzed their situation, and we have managed to improve or solve the following problems and requirements:

Keep the cool design of their quotations

Have consistent quotations

Create quotations faster (by 65%)

Improve employee productivity (by 18%)

Have happier customers (by 20%)

Eliminate human error as much as possible

A solution that is online and does not require expensive hardware

Automate other time-consuming processes (sending emails and creating orders)

Choose a future-proof solution (all our new features are included in the subscription price)

Let us help you!

At OptiOffer we specialize in cutting waste, especially wasted time. We automate as much as possible of the quoting process, giving you precious time to do what you do best.

With our state-of-the-art quotation generator and our integrated catalog and client management software, you can have everything done in seconds. Wave goodbye the endless searches through catalogs, the mess of documents and papers, and the ugly spreadsheets. OptiOffer gives you everything you need, one click away!

Give us a try!

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