Looking for a quote tool that has everything you need and also offers you a discount?

2 min read by Nichita Herpuț

published 2 years ago, updated 2 years ago

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We know you’re looking for the best deals for you and your business. We do too! And we also know how important it is that if you invest money, to get your money’s worth. That is why, we, at OptiOffer, want to give you the highest quality at the best prices. Sometimes even with a discount.

OptiOffer offers you the almost perfect (because we believe in constant improvement) quotation tool for your business. We have been developing OptiOffer for over 3 years now and we’re still working around the clock to deliver better functionality and new features for our awesome clients.

Two business people consulting
Two business people consulting

Why did we decide to work on this CPQ quotation tool? The answer is simple. We know first hand how much time and effort it takes to do these things manually. We realized that this industry is in dire need of innovation. That is why we came up with OptiOffer. We wanted to create an application that will reduce not only the time spent on quotations but also the costs since an automatic tool is more accurate and error-free.

We want our clients to forget about spending hours on building the perfect quote and focus their energy where you need it the most.

Your clients will love this new, faster, and easier way of communication. You can engage and manage your projects, employees, and providers with just a couple of clicks. We are focused on offering you and your leads the ultimate sales event.

Curious about our features?

We offer some key CPQ features tailored to the needs of every business such as catalog and client management, but also some unique features such as live chat where you can talk directly with your team and clients that will be available soon, a productivity tool that can track your team’s work on the quotations, automatic email system where you can send emails to your clients directly through the app and custom offer templates that you can edit to your needs, among other things.

How much does it cost?

At OptiOffer we want to offer you simple and affordable plans for every need, which is why we came up with different plans: Free, Basic, Business and Business+. However, if any of the plans doesn't fit your business's needs, we can also tailor a plan just for you.

Each plan has specific features that are suitable for different types of businesses. Some of them even have a 30 days trial that you can check out before making a commitment. What’s even more awesome that right now we have a discount on all the plans (except the free one of course). Now you get 20% off from the yearly plan.

Have more questions about this? You can contact us at sales@optioffer.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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